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Matthew Godden

Matthew Godden has had the pleasure of supplying editing, ghostwriting, and coaching services for books by doctors, CEOs, senators, farmers, consultants, tycoons, sales gurus, therapists, bloggers, coaches, novelists, and activists.

He's also worked on executive communications, policy documents, sales proposals, training manuals, and financial reports for use in a variety of business contexts—Fortune 500 as well as small enterprise and nonprofit.

He has worked with Anna since 2003. Click to visit his page on the EAC Online Directory of Editors.

Anna Bowness

Anna Bowness has worked with publishers, art galleries, and new media projects as an editor and consultant. She served as managing editor of Broken Pencil magazine from 2004–2006. She is also an award-winning author, contributing articles, essays, and fiction to numerous books and magazines, including Coach House Books' uTOpia series.

Anna is an associate editor and sits on the board of directors of Spacing magazine, which has won several major awards—including the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors' Magazine of the Year Award for 2007.

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