Selected Projects

We're very proud of our participation in these projects, and we thank all those responsible for hiring us and for bringing these wonderful projects to life.

Fiction Editing:

The Lost Machine by Richard A. Kirk (young adult fantasy novel). Radiolaria Studios, 2012.

Tree Mend Us People by Bruce Purdy (comedy adventure novel). CrackerJack Productions, 2010.

A Porous Border by Al McGregor (historical novel). 2012.

The Third Craft by James T. Harris (young adult sci-fi novel). BPS Books, 2012.

Bound by a Dragon by Linda K. Hopkins (historical/fantasy romance novel). 2016.

Loved by a Dragon by Linda K. Hopkins. 2015.

Pursued by a Dragon by Linda K. Hopkins. 2015.

Forever a Dragon by Linda K. Hopkins. 2016.

Dance with a Dragon by Linda K. Hopkins. 2017.

Erin Moynahan by Brian George (coming-of-age superhero action novel). 2014.

Me and My So-Called Friends by Sharon Neiss (young adult novel). Ahava Chai, 2017.

Nonfiction Editing:

Pensionize Your Nest Egg: How to Use Product Allocation to Create a Guaranteed Income for Life by Moshe A. Milevsky & Alexandra C. Macqueen. Wiley, 2010.

Heatstroke: Why Canada’s Summer Olympic Program Is Failing -- And How We Can Fix It by Michael G. Simonson. BPS Books, 2009.

Finding Your Voice: A Voice Doctor’s Holistic Guide for Voice Users, Teachers, and Therapists by Brian W. Hands. BPS Books, 2009.

Children Come First: Mediation, Not Litigation When Marriage Ends by Howard H. Irving. Dundurn, 2011.

Chronicles of Ginger Farm: Life on a Small Canadian Farm During Times of Great Global Change, 1929–1962 by Gwendoline P. Clarke. BPS Books, 2009.

Beyond Ego: Influential Leadership Starts Within by Art Horn. ECW Press, 2008.

Not at My Expense by Bruno Gideon. Matterhorn Publishing, 2006.

The Choice: Finding Life in the Face of Death. Six Stories from a Therapist’s Casebook by Jan Hatanaka. ECW Press, 2008.

The Vowels of Personal Power by Bob McCulloch and Julia Gluck. ECW Press, 2006.

The Forgiveness Prescription by Alice Wheaton.

Scary Diagnosis by Alan Geller.

Your Guide to the Perfect Smile by Dr. Ed Philips. Bastian Books, 2008.

Women Rising: How Canadian Women Are Breaking Free from Criminal Pasts and Building a Better Future by Eleanor Clitheroe, editor. ECW Press, 2007.

The Elevator Effect: A Tale about the Power of People Connecting by Sona Van Der Hoop. Bastian Books, 2008.

Living and Learning Outside the Box by Joanne Sinclair. Volumes Direct, 2016.

What I Would Tell You: One Mother’s Adventure with Medical Fragility by Julie Keon. Merocea Publishing, 2017.

Iron Annie and a Long Journey by Lisa M. Hutchison. Tredition, 2017.

Southern Cross: Lost and Found on the Streets and in the Jungles of Peru. Paul Clark. BPS Books, 2008.

Brody: The Triumph and Tragedy of Wrestling's Rebel. Larry Matysik and Barbara Goodish. ECW Press 2007.

uTOpia 2: The State of the Arts: Living With Culture in Toronto. J. Dovercourt, C. Palassio, A. Wilcox, eds. Coach House Books 2006

uTOpia 3: GreenTOpia. J. Dovercourt, C. Palassio, A. Wilcox, eds. Coach House Books 2007.

Corporate Communications

For HORN: training manuals, business proposals, and executive communications for clients including Mazda, SC Johnson, Parmalat, Acklands Grainger, Bell Mobility, Plan Group, adidas Canada, and Scotiabank.

For Deloitte & Touche: financial reports, proposals, and annual reports for various Fortune 500 clients.


As associate editor of Spacing Magazine: brand, mission, and concept consulting; content management; research; substantive, stylistic, and copy editing; proofreading; promotional, fundraising, and editorial content writing.

As managing editor of Broken Pencil Magazine: wide-spectrum project management, including content development; all levels of editing; research; editorial content writing; grant writing; promotional writing.

Articles and Essays

Kate Brennagh. "The Role of Women in the Children of Peace." Ontario History. Vol. 90, No. 1 (Spring 1998).

Chen Tamir. "Life Stories." Gallery TPW. September 2008.

Anna Bowness "Work." Spacing. Issue 3 (Winter 2005).

Anna Bowness "This Is Your Hometown." Broken Pencil. Issue 28 (Spring 2005).

Web and Other Projects

For the Virtual Museum of Canada: Dubious Views: Questioning Institutional Representations in Tourism and Cartography.

For [murmur], a locative media project: web copy, promotional text, grant proposal text, hard copy flyers and postcards.

For AudioVision: described audio captioning for "Red Ensign."